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punto zero

Punto Zero is an advanced program exploring the juxtaposition of body-space-time. It is about the mysterious phenomena of emergence, the essence of performance.

A multidisciplinary - multicultural site-specific based project, hosting a group of 30 artists for a 10-14 days program, facilitating workshops, individual and group work, and performances in a live exhibition format, aiming to inspire the creation of new visions, vocabulary, and practices behind mystery.

The project led by a highly esteemed and experience team of artists and researchers in the fields of performance, sound art, poetry, philosophy, and technology, collaborating since 2012.

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Duration: 10-14 days

Disciplines: multidisciplinary

Level: intermediate & experienced                                                                                                                see Punto to Zero '14 - publicity materials

similar projects: somatic art formation | M.A.S.C - multidisciplinary art and social change

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