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shahar dor ensemble

Shahar Dor ensemble is Co-Based in Israel and Spain.

The ensemble is known for its multidisciplinary live art projects. Established in 2012 and consists of a multidisciplinary group of artists exploring, creating, and showing live art works in Israel and around Europe in festivals, indoor and outdoor vanguard spaces & theaters in Israel and around Europe.

The ensemble consists of 8 core group members and with new projects new members are invited to collaborate and share their knowledge and vision, growing the ensemble potential and possibilities.

Ensemble members
Shahar Dor - founder and director | Elad Shniderman – sound art |Tomer Shalom – light design and video art |Oz Caesar – sound design | Costumes – Almudena Rubio | scenery and architecture – Fabian Asunción and Soledad Revuelto | performers – Monma Mingot, Almudena Rubio, David Novell, Guillem Burnat

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