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Shahar Dor is a multidisciplinary performance artist and director. For the past three decades Shahar has been creating, performing, teaching, and collaborating with numerous artists around the world. Over the years, he has developed a unique artistic language whose starting point is body and material as an arena of action. It interweaves the performing arts with the plastic arts, video, and sound arts. His works have a raw, massive, and exposed aesthetic and they deal with the connections between art, life, and ceremony.

Shahar is one of the pillars of artistic endeavor in the field of site-specific performance art in Israel and Europe and is considered a cultural pioneer in the field. Over the years, a group of students, teachers and creators has gathered around him, sustaining, and promoting the work around the world.
As a pedagogue he is known for his autodidactic approach. Through 3 decades of teaching, he developed his practice and philosophy, of movement, improvisation and multidisciplinary live art, leading numerous workshops, forming programs and advanced study schools around the world.


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