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2022                    Curator, P.T.SS.D exhibition, Idan Golko

2022                    Curator, Bait Galim festival, Haifa, Israel

2021                    RETENUE, contemporary circus, Attention Fragile, France

2021                    Mycelium – art and science lab for complex human communication

2020-2022          PLI, contemporary circus of Inbal Ben Ari, France

2016                    Expectativas Presentes, La Neomudejar, Madrid

2015                    The Room Upstairs, Circo Price, Madrid

2014                    Puno Zero, La Neomudejar, Madrid

2013                    Engrave, The House Gallery, Karkur

2011-2013          Cultura, multidisciplinary series at Artness

2011                    Omos Uno, Madrid, Spain

2010                    Artistic director at Tmuna Theatre and The Lab

2010                    Fact, Beery Gallery, Karkur

2009-2012          Founder and artistic director, Artists Boulevard, Ein Shemer, Israel

2009                    Duet, Madrid, Barcelona, Santander

2008                    Flood, Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv

2008-2010          Founder and director, Tune - travelling school of unspoken knowledge

2007-2009          Augenblick, a group of performers from Spain, Israel, and Germany

2000-2005          Improvideo, cooperation with videographer Amit Shalev

2000                    Beautiful Alfred, Du-Aman festival, Tel Aviv

2005-2012          Founder and Director of Artness, international art house

2004-2008          Teacher and dramaturg, Vertigo dance company

2004                    Love Letters, Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv

1999-2003          Co-Founder, Improbisa Ensemble

1999                    ‘And then we hugged’, Acre Festival and Habima national theatre, Israel

1999                    Two Rooms, duet with Yasmin Godar, Tel Aviv

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