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The determination after recovery.

After the awakening of consciousness living within the inferno which nests inside the body.

Rage which has become yours. Which has made you a vessel. Which you have made into a vessel. All to answer the questions awakens before you in the morning, and retire for sleep long after you. I met Idan by chance at the beginning of 2019. We immediately started to work. Little was needed to experience the multiplicity and the weight Idan inhabits his body - his art. The stubbornness and pursue for the strength to move. To get up in the morning, to trace pieces of past and present, only to create the everyday life.  Idan’s openness and his ability to convey this reality in such a creative, personal and fluent way, did not leave any doubt. All that was needed was to walk together into that existed there. To give names, to put cartograph a map, support the edges, and wonder about connections. This went on for almost two years.


Idan entered dark places with courage and gentleness and continues downward. Confidently passing as unstable tterritory.  Connecting experiences and memories, rummaging archives around the world, and those within his body. The search for meaning is personal and universal. With multiple turmoils, faces and names. The now is stimulated mercilessly by encapsulated powers. The signs on the body forcefully lead to the threshold. They do not leave any choice, but to see. The intuitive action and persistence to do all it takes to learn the movement of the beast, and to bring to light the origins of the experience, rely on the knowledge that, in spite of everything, the meaning is rooted in being present, and the art is the vessel which allows this presence. 

P.T.SS.D is an independent, personal-humane-universal syntax.  A profound observation of struggle and hope, of existential, personal questions. Social, historical, current and timeless Questions. 

Shahar Dor - Curator

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