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FIELD AND FILTER is a concept project of sonic and visual arts, a creative and educational collaboration between professional artists and youths.

The project is a gesture of observation to the unique voice of the individual as part of an endless field of data. Experiencing the field and the filter simultaneously unveils personal and social questions of the processes and the designing tools that shape the perception and experience of oneself, the other and reality. For the visitor at the exhibition, FIELD AND FILTER is an invitation to immerse oneself in this conflict – using the continuum of vibrations between sound, image, substance, language and perception.

The project was created in collaboration with the students of the Digital Music Department at Leo Baeck High School in Haifa, Israel. The students were invited to create individual sound projects while receiving artistic and educational guidance, and were complete partners, from the conceptual development to designing the sonic and visual aesthetics of the installation.

The process derived from conversations with the students who expressed conflicts that arise from the contemporary-communication and social-media era we live in, and our idea was to use art as an alternative tool that can allow them to voice the things they struggle with or avoid voicing altogether.

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