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ADAMA is a ritual of complete self-burial in the ground that touches on the roots of the connection between man and ADAMA. An archetypal, mental and physical expression and existence of the ADAMA. A multidisciplinary art ritual that combines performance, sound art, video art and plastic art.

ADAMA gives a glimpse into the possibility of the existence of identity, roots, home and physical and spiritual freedom of body, mind, and place. ADAMA responds to a primordial longing for the healing substance for archaic and contemporary wounds and fractures between man and ADAMA, between man and himself, the other, the environment, his roots, and his God.

The project is site-specific in the most basic and raw sense - it depends on the ADAMA of the place, recognizing that soil is not just a geological raw material, but it stores an 'evolution library' of human and cultural materials and encodes what is beyond the perception of past and future.

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